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  • Mission

    In its formal dimension, the Association is composed of members who come together annually in a general meeting to elect a board of directors, ratify any changes to the general guidelines, and approve the financial statements.

    In its intuitive dimension, the Association expresses a hope of solidarity and harmony arising from the regular practice of contact improvisation.

    The Association is founded on commonly held goals, priorities, and values.


    The mission of the Association of Contact Improvisation (ACI) consists of:

    • Assembling individuals to support an artistic community project.
    • Adequately representing its membership before concerned parties.
    • Promoting contact improvisation dance through education, research and performance.
    • Developing the practice of contact improvisation and broadening its accessibility to the public.


    To achieve the aforementioned goals, the ACI has established the following priorities:

    • Create an organization that encourages the participation of all members in its development through structured committees.
    • Uphold the General Guidelines and Rules of Conduct for members.
    • Organize regular ACI events, jams, courses, etc.
    • Create educational tools that present the values and evolution of the ACI.


    To support these initiatives, the ACI actively promotes the following values:

    • Love of dance.
    • Presence, sensitivity and an ability to listen, both to oneself and others.
    • A community-oriented lifestyle.
    • Uncompromising integrity.
    • Respect for all individuals.
    • Openness and honesty in our actions, behaviors and responsibilities (members have complete access to information regarding the decision-making process, management and promotion of this Association)
    • Global vision in order to understand and appreciate other communities and individuals.
    • The inclusion of volunteers in the organization of all activities.

  • SURVEY - 2008

    In July 2008 the following two questions were asked of the ACI membership in a survey. 40 members responded. Here are the results.
    A. What direction should the ACI go in?
    These were the responses by the membership in order of priority 1. raising the expertise levels of the dancers within the current community by offering more jams, more classes, bringing in teachers from outside Montreal
    2. evolving CI as a form, e.g. supporting exploration (…)

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Dynamic? Energetic? The Association can’t progress without a solid group of volunteers. The committees need YOU!

What’s contact danse?

An invitation to let go in a haven of peace. Dancing, experience the laws of gravity, momentum and balance, that is the contact improvisation.

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