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Sunday Classes
Winter/Spring 2019

The Sundays: Registrations at 10:30
Class from 10:45 am to noon

372, Ste-Catherine West, metro Place-des-Arts
Cost : $15/ classe or $40/ serie of 3 classes (jam included)

More infos : classesdimatin@contactimpro.org


Please note that the classes and the jam will be at Studio Cat’s Corner, 3451, boul. Saint-Laurent, 3e étage.
The Sunday 13 January 2019

January 6 at 303, 13 at Cat’s Corner and 20 at 303 taught by Eryn Dace Trudell

01. Eryn 2019

The immediate

Eryn will gather requests with those who are present to determine the content of the class. She enjoys teaching the basics and they will always be the point of departure if there are any participants who have never studied or practiced CI in the group.
Honouring the body conscious, Trudell teaches kinaesthetic awareness through dancing as an ingredient to boosting confidence, motivating energy and maintaining good health physically, emotionally and psychologically. Her classes speak to the body itself, suggesting ways that movement can free us from unconscious patterns, to enhance our thinking, grace, social availability, cultural empathy, and genuine pleasure in expression, and allow us to tap into our innate wisdom.

Biography of Eryn

January 27, February 3-10 taught by Nina Galea

02. Nina Galéa 2018

Details to come

Biography of Nina

17-24 février, 3 mars taught by Kinga Michalska


Details to come

Biography of Kinga

March 10 and June 9 taught by Delphine Marot

06. Parents-enfants



17-24-31 mars taught by Kelly Keenan

02. Kelly Keenan

Details to come

Biography of Kelly

7-14-21 avril taught by Nicoletta Dolce

02. Isaac Savoie et Nicoletta Dolce

Details to come

Biography of Nicoletta

28 avril, 5-12 mai taught by Vincent-Nicolas Provencher


02. Vincent-Nicolas

Details to come

Biography of Vincent-Nicolas

19-26 mai, 2 juin taught by Maryse Damecour

4. Maryse

Details to come

Biography of Maryse

Credit Renaud Philippe

16-23-30 juin taught by Danielle Beaudet

02. Danielle Beaudet

Details to come

Biography of Danielle

CLASSES BACK ON SEPTEMBER 8, 2019 with Stéphanie Gaudreau

02. Vacances

Happy holidays

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